Strategic partners

Strategic partners – complementary products 
Intec Electronic Group Ltd provides technological services to the Israeli high-tech industry and to the worldwide industry through an energetic partnership with leading suppliers that provide extensive services in a number of areas. 
Intec’s expertise is that the company links companies and provides a comprehensive solution to the customer according to its needs. Intec aims to adapt itself to different customers in different needs according to market development and needs in collaboration with the customer. 
1. There are services that will be provided directly by Intec and the relationship will be between a company and a customer And the trade relations will be directly with the company. 
2. There are cases in which the relationship will be made directly between the supplier and the customer: The supplier will send a quotation to the customer and the trade relations will be directly between them. 
3. Strategic partners are one of the cornerstones of the company and the company sees the importance of this cooperation for the benefit of the customer. Intec aims to achieve active strategic partners that provide services in the above areas. 
services that are offered: The services are in broad areas including: 
1. Acquisition of electronic components, active passives, modules, memories, microcontroller memories, transistors, oscillators, sensors, crystals and more.
2 . Obtaining special prices from the strategic partners so that the customer can enjoy with very special prices. 
3. Special prices for the immediate supply of strategic partners. 
4 . sharing knowledge about stock ability, dead stock ,obsolete parts , delivery time etc. 
Strategic partners on: Recycling of electronic components, cards and models.
TEL: +972-8-910-7070
FAX:  +972-8-910-7071

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