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A few words about us

Intec Electronic Group Ltd is a Distribution of Electronic Components . Intec Electronics has the abilities to information world wide systems that can provide quick answer for
stock availability. Intec electronic Group has developed suppliers and customers throughout the world. Our range of products includes Active, Passive, obsolete & Parts in allocation. Intec electronic Group specializes in buying and selling electronic components. The company’s specialty is achieving specific products on demand. Get special prices for selected items.

Our Specialty

Obsolete components

רכיבים פאסיבים, צבאיים, מודלים וכד’ וקניית מלאים מתים כמו כן יתן לשלוח דרישות דרישות עבור זיכרונות מחשב וכן רישיונות ל Microsoft רכיבים אקטיבים ופאסיבים זכרונות ומודלים

Active and passive components

The company offers a variety of services to its customers including: Active and passive components. Military components Standard 883. Reduce costs. Obsolete components – (Components that have been discontinued). List of components to purchase. Annual Agreements- Annual Procurement. Buying excess inventory. Delivery of components with a long delivery time. Replacements for hard-to-reach active and passive components.

Military components

Bom- Bill of Materials – List of parts, Items, and other materials to create your product. Supply of components according to kits – according to customer’s requirement (delivery date required, quantity). Reduce production costs (booms). Complete supply of booms as per customer’s requirement. Option for manufacturer compatibility documents for components. Solutions for the military industry – according to customer needs. Total purchasing solutions: quantity and delivery date according to customer needs.

We buy stock

There are several types of inventory: 

1) Excess inventory the customer has purchased by mistake or the project is over and will no longer be needed. 

2) A company stopped producing the product and kept the inventory for repairs and the rest in excess inventory. 

3) Inventory of old technology products that will not be used. 

4) Components that are CUSTOM made specifically for the customer and no other customer can use this product. 

5) Cards and Complex Models for recycling.

6) Metal recycling and other products – Metals of all types – Receipt of a quote by strategic partners for waste disposal in collaboration with the Ministry of the Environment. Clearance is carried out by the supplier and the payment is made directly to the customer by the supplier.

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