Intec specializes :

The company offers a variety of services to its customers including:

* Active and passive components.

* Military components Standard 883.

*  Reduce costs.

* Obsolete components – (Components that have been discontinued).

*List of components to purchase

* Annual Agreements– Annual Procurement –

.*Buying excess inventory

* Delivery of components with a long delivery time.

* Replacements for hard-to-reach active and passive components.

Bom- Bill of Materials

* Bom- Bill of Materials – List of parts, Items, and other materials to create your product.

* Supply of components according to kits – according to customer’s requirement (delivery date required, quantity).

* Reduce production costs (booms).

* Complete supply of booms as per customer’s requirement.

* Option for manufacturer compatibility documents for components.

* Solutions for the military industry – according to customer needs.

* Total purchasing solutions: quantity and delivery date according to customer needs.

Please email us with the list of products you purchase and indicate annual quantity and target prices  to email